Awakening With Brahmakumaris- B.K.Mohini

We understand that our thoughts creates our destiny. In the journey of life all of us undergo negative emotions at the time of crisis. Another world of power existed within us and it is spirituality which transcends our inner power and thoughts. This series of episodes Anchored by Kanupriya in conversation with B.K Mohini deals with the issue of awakening our inner strenghths and harnessing propserity and peace through spirituality. This page brings you an opportunity to watch these episodes on this platform. to watch full episodes click on the related links.

  • How can thought creates our DESTINY

  • We are a single SOUL

  • Inner powers are all mine

  • How to know our INNER POWERS

  • To know ourselves we need inner power

  • CHANGE can be seen

  • We are a single SOUL