Awakening With Brahma Kumaris - Spiritual Topics

In this era of modern interventions, the only thing for which human being crave the most is peaceful state of mind. At some point of time life brings us some unexpected surpises which shatters our emotional balance and zeal towards life. this series of episodes hosted by Kanupriya in conversation with B.K Usha and B.K Sheilu emphasises on how can we overcome the impacts of diffcult situations we face in life through spiritual enlightenment. This series is aired on Peace of Mind Channel and you can watch full episodes by clicking on the respective links.
  • What kind of chances will i have in my life Ep-1

  • To remain concious we need to do Meditation

  • Meditations leads to Happiness

  • Meditation is the part of our live

  • Sometimes we ourselves get the answer of our questions

  • Sukh Dham and Shanti Dham

  • How to prepare ourselve for the upcoming Situation

  • Yeh bhi to sahi ho sakta hain

  • Parmatma ka Mahavakya

  • We are forgetting LIVING VALUES

  • Your Questions

  • Connection betwenn god and humans

  • Some questions become Individuals